Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Literary Pie: Annual Celebration

Above (L to R): Kat Blanc, Diana L Guerrero, "William Sarabande," Liz Harris, Rita Robinson Campbell. Not pictured is Pamela Heiman.

This week was our annual author lunch which now revolves around the Literary Pie tradition started by Susan Messer & Patry Francis.

If you have not had your piece of the Literary Pie, you'd better get busy and feed that muse. This year my pie didn't look as perfect as it has in the past but it always tastes out of this world!

Above: This year's Literary Pie. Check out the recipe and rules to this tradition here.

We sent our good thoughts and blessings over to Patry and I hope to hear from her soon. She's had some health challenges of late.

You can visit Patry's blog here and see her last year's pie while you are at it!

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